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Skin Care Brand Contractubex (Generic) Generic drugs, marketed without brand names, contain the exact same active ingredients used in their brand-name counterparts, but cost significantly less. The drugs are required to meet US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) standards for safety, purity and effectiveness.
Brand Contractubex

Contractubex® is an extremely efficient therapy that may be used on any kind of scar. It speeds up the skin's natural healing process and decreases the formation of scar tissue from the inside out. Reduces redness, itching, and the sensation of tension in addition to making the scar smoother and improving its flexibility. Also prevents the production of excessive scar tissue.


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Contractubex® Cream Contractubex® is an extremely efficient therapy that may be used on any kind of scar. It speeds up the skin's natural healing process and decreases the formation of scar tissue from the inside out. The scar gel offers a threefold benefit, including: Reduces the risk of developing an excessive amount of scar tissue Reduces the appearance of redness as well as itching and the sensation of stress. Improves the scar's suppleness while also making it smoother. It is important to begin therapy as soon as the wound has been closed or the sutures have been removed if you want the best potential outcomes. Because of this, your scar will eventually grow so little that you will scarcely be able to see it or feel it. After abrasions, wounds, lacerations, surgeries, burns, or scalds, the usage of Contractubex® may be recommended. therapies using laser light (e.g. tattoo removal) Ingredients that are active Effectiveness achieved by Contractubex® as a result of its one-of-a-kind mix of active components As soon as the incision has been closed or the sutures have been removed, you can begin the therapy with Contractubex®. The clear gel includes active chemicals that promote the healing process deep inside the skin, which in turn helps to regulate the synthesis of scar tissue and works to favorably affect the formation of scars. Contractubex® has three key substances that work synergistically well together: 1. Extractum cepae possesses qualities that reduce inflammation, kill bacteria, and stop the creation of excessive scar tissue. 2. Heparin is able to bind water to scar tissue, which helps to soften the scar tissue's structure. Heparin also contains anti-inflammatory and anti-swelling capabilities, which encourage the regeneration of cells and tissue. 3. Allantoin stimulates the healing of wounds, has a calming effect, helps increase penetration into the skin, and soothes the itching that is frequently linked with the creation of scars. What is the correct way to take this medication? Visible benefits are seen with Contractubex® when therapy is initiated early and maintained consistently. When a scar is treated sooner rather than later, there is a better possibility of favorably affecting the subsequent creation of a scar. As soon as the incision is completely bandaged or the sutures have been removed, you should begin using the Contractubex®. The application of the transparent gel is simple and risk-free. In an ideal scenario, the Contractubex® gel should be worked in by softly massaging it in two to three times each day for at least three months. The discreet layer that is formed by Contractubex® provides protection for the delicate scar tissue. Only use Contractubex® on wounds that have completely healed before doing so. It is important to avoid getting this substance in your eyes, on the inside of your nose or mouth, or any other mucous membranes. While rubbing the gel into the scar, begin in the center and work your way outwards towards the borders. Continue working in a small circular motion until all of the Contractubex® is absorbed. The treatment of scars requires patience since it takes time for wounded skin to recover. In most cases, a lessening of the redness may be seen after approximately four weeks; after two months, the scar tissue gradually becomes lighter, more elastic, and flatter. Several clinical trials have shown that Contractubex® is quite safe, and that it is very well tolerated by patients. Even infants and very young children are able to get treatment without risk. This therapy is also effective on scars that are several years old. When using Contractubex® on older scars, the product should be rubbed into the affected area three times per day for at least six months. Application domains Injuries to the skin are known as wounds, and they tend to follow us around for the rest of our lives. The vast majority of wounds are not dangerous and are easily forgotten. In spite of this, they leave behind a mark on our skin in the form of a scar. Contractubex® may be applied to the skin in the aftermath of a wide variety of injuries, including the following: Abrasions Abrasions or cuts and lacerations Operations (including after Caesarean section) (including after Caesarean section) Scalds or burns the skin. Therapies with laser light (such as tattoo removal) The wounds that heal leave scars that are just as varied in appearance as the injuries themselves. Some scars are hardly noticeable, while others may cause discomfort or even create physical disabilities, such as a reduction in range of motion. Scars can also induce emotional trauma.


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